Glory hole in the dressing room of a short haired blonde


A pretty blonde with short hair goes shopping during the sales. She goes to a cubicle to try on a dress and when she turns around she sees a huge cock sticking out from a hole in the cubicle wall. She is an epicurean who knows the principle of the glory hole very well. The problem is that she is in a relationship. She will still let herself be tempted and masturbate this cock which is hard and thick. She sucks it and jerks it off with her hands and feet. She really wants to take it deep in the vagina, but she doesn’t want to cheat on her partner. She says to herself that a handjob is not infidelity and intends to go to the end of her libertine adventure. She kneels down and while she strokes herself, receives powerful jets of cum on her face. She cleans the sex of her lover of the day before coming out as if nothing had happened.


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